A change of paradigm

We have often dealt with the relationship between children and food using negotiation tools... if you eat half of it, you can go outside and play.

We seek goals such as children trying everything. And sometimes it works. But it comes at the cost of wasting food, and, consequently, producing more waste.

At the same time, as a sign of development in our society, we have quickly become aware of the need to develop healthy attitudes. To manage to live longer and in better condition.

If we stop to think, we are clear about the best route to follow, but we insist on trying to take a shortcut.

Weigh and Think arose from observing school children's behaviour and from the need to develop new strategies to move in the direction of sustainability

New strategies to develop new skills, such as: learning to regulate the amounts of food to eat; learning to manage variety in foods; learning to jointly develop tools to manage the waste that we produce; knowing what we eat, where it comes from, how we eat it, in order to learn to appreciate it...

That is to say, to learn to develop a critical attitude towards food consumption and to become aware of the need to bring about change in ourselves.

... and with Weigh and Think, children play a starring role in this necessary change of paradigm.

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